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5 Reasons to Consider a Screen Protector for Your Phone

The reasons why spending a little more money for a screen protector can save your wallet in the future.
Kevin Gardner Sep 26, 2019
A surprising number of people who regularly use smartphones choose not to fortify them with screen protectors. Some people don’t feel like dropping extra money on one after having just spent more than enough on a pricey new model, while others simply don’t think that their phone is at risk.

You’re Bound to Drop Your Phone Eventually

We all like to think that we’re immune to the misfortunes that befall so many others, whether it’s because we’re extra careful with our devices. However, the painful truth is that you’re bound to drop your phone eventually.
Even if your phone survives a fall without any visible cracks, the screen’s structure might be weakened by invisible micro-fractures that leave it vulnerable to cracking in the future.

Unprotected Phone Screens Are Prone to Scratches

Even if you somehow manage to never drop your phone, you can’t possibly keep it away from dirt and other debris no matter how hard you try. Car seats, bags, and pockets all collect debris, meaning that your phone could get scratched on any of these surfaces.
In addition to dirt and other particulate matter, objects such as keys, loose change, zippers, and wallet clasps can also scratch your phone screen. All it takes is one instance of forgetting to keep your phone and keys in separate pockets for your screen to get damaged.

Screen Protectors Are Cheaper Than Replacing Your Phone

An exceedingly common reason that people go without screen protectors is that they don’t feel like spending the extra money on one. However, even if you get the latest and best screen guard for devices it’s still going to slim down your wallet way less than a screen replacement would.
You could choose to leave it to chance and hope that you won’t damage your screen or that, if it does get damaged, it’ll still be usable. But unfortunately, plenty of nastier falls and breaks render touch screens unusable and replacements unavoidable.
It can cost hundreds of dollars to replace your smartphone screen, not to mention the time you’ll have to spend without your device while the screen is being changed out. One look at the replacement bill will leave you wishing you’d gotten a screen protector when you had the chance!

You’ll Have Less Glare to Deal With

In addition to offering protection, many phone screen protectors also offer added perks such as glare reduction. It can be extremely frustrating to try and read your newest text message while dealing with the sun’s glare, especially if you like to use dark color schemes or extend your battery life with eco mode.
If you use a matte screen protector that helps to reduce glare, you’ll have to deal with fewer fingerprints and smears as well. Not only does this look cleaner and more pleasant, but it can actually improve touch sensitivity as well.

Your Phone Will Retain Better Resale Value

Considering the aforementioned price of replacing a broken smartphone screen, it should come as no surprise that a broken phone screen will brutally cut down on your phone’s resale value. Your phone simply won’t sell as quickly if there are chips, scratches, or cracks on the screen.
If you’re the type of consumer who likes to upgrade to newer and better models once they’re released, then you’ll want to protect your current model to resell later. Otherwise, you might have to wait longer than you’d like to fit that upgrade into your budget!
While many people are comfortable leaving the safety of their smartphone screens to chance, this really isn’t advisable. The odds are against you as far as dropping your phone on a hard surface goes, and even if you manage to avoid that, you’re still at risk for scratching the phone screen against other objects or debris.
It’s way more affordable to purchase a screen protector than it is to have a broken screen replaced, and you’ll gain some added perks such as reduced glare and better resale value as well!