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6 Smartphone Accessories Everyone Should Have

Zoey Fawell Nov 27, 2019
Almost everyone owns a smart phone in this 21st century. Smartphones have become part of our day to day lifestyle because of their varied uses. Besides, it only requires basic knowledge to operate a smartphone, though they are considered as small computers.
Smartphones can be used for communication, to play games, browse social networks, to process payments, listen to music and for alarms just to mention a few. You can also use smartphones for advance purposes such as unlocking or locking your houses or even locating missing cars.
Do you want to upgrade some features in your smartphone? Or have you just bought yourself a new smartphone and you want to do something great with it? Well then, here are some cool smartphone accessories everyone should have.

1. Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

One of the accessories that you can use with your smartphone is the waterproof portable Bluetooth Speaker.
They produce all round sound thus ensuring everyone in the house gets music as played with your smartphone. It has a breath-taking bass that ensures the music bass frequencies is enhanced in real time.
Besides, this Bluetooth speaker is waterproof and you can connect to two different speakers via one Bluetooth device. Last but not least, the waterproof portable Bluetooth speakers are universal and can be connected with any smartphone.

2. Waterproof Case

Another smartphone accessory that is very essential in protecting your phone against water is the waterproof case. Most of the waterproof cases have wider compatibility. Besides, most of them even have extra spaces for storing cards and cash.
The water proof cases have transparent covers and free operations that allow you to take photos and even check messages while the phone is inside water. Moreover, they have additional hemming that will help in keeping your phone out of dirt, dust and scratch hence your phone will last for long.
The protection feature makes it one of the best accessories for a smartphone in the market.

3. Portable Charger

Yet another unique but very useful smartphone accessory in the market today is the portable charger. This is the best smartphone accessory for all the busy individuals who have limited time to charge their phones.
The portable charger has high ultra-capacity and will charge your phone faster than the normal charger since the voltage boost and power IQ combines and produces the highest possible charge. Besides, it has the multiproduct security scheme that will ensure the security of both your phone and the device are guaranteed.

4. Micro SD Cards

Micro SD cards are a smartphone accessory and are the best smart phone accessory for memory with adapter. Apart from the fact that they can be used with all the smartphones, they can also be used with tablets, laptops, gaming consoles and drones among others.

The micro SD cards have a read and write speed of up to 100 MBs per second and speed class which differs depending on the interface, host device and usage circumstances.

5. Selfie Sticks

The second last accessory that will also make you have wonderful moments with your smartphone is the selfie stick, which has 3 in one holder and a removable Bluetooth remote with a fast connection. Most of the selfie sticks are compatible with most of the android phones and iPhones.

You can use the selfie stick to record, broadcast live or even to video call among others. Although this accessory can only be used with smartphones and Bluetooth cameras, they are of lightweight and have adjustable shooting modes.

6. The Camera Lens Attachment

Last but not least, the camera lens attachment is also a smartphone accessory that works with smartphones such as iPhone, Pixel One Plus and Samsung Galaxy.
The camera lens attachment will help you in making wider focal length shots in a horizontal direction while in a vertical direction, it will help you make longer shots.
It is widely recommended when you are taking photos or shooting a video using your smartphone.


You can also attach a selfie ring light to your smartphone to ensure you have enough light. Besides, the natural lights will ensure your selfies look better and clear. Selfie ring lights are very useful especially when you want to take a selfie where there is minimal or no source of natural light.