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7 Different Uses of Older Smartphones

Shimul Kabir Aug 6, 2019
As the days go by, the operating system of the smartphone and all the apps are being updated and increasing in size. As a result, the smartphone that once had all your work done, can no longer do so. So for work, you want to buy another new phone, but what about the old one? Let's get to know 7 different uses of the older smartphones.

1. Taking Pictures

If you have a kid in your house and are interested in taking pictures, your old smartphone might be a gift for the kid. You can place a protective case like a Pixel-Plus on your old phone, to avoid fear of breaking the phone by dropping it.

2. Video Calling

If your home is covered by Wi-Fi, you can make your old phone a dedicated video calling device. And then the call to the phone will be an additional benefit.

3. Smart Table Clock

The size of your old smartphone can be a lot smaller than your table clock or bigger. Then download any watch app from the Play Store and make it a smart table clock.

4. Virtual Movie Theater

Do you love watching movies or listening to music? Have an old smartphone? Then buy a gadget like Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR Box and take down from the Play Store, an app for virtual reality. Now sit and enjoy your virtual movie theater.

5. Remote Control

Nowadays every house has different remote-controlled smart devices. If a remote control is lost, your old mobile may be a solution. Currently, every smart device has its own app. If you have an IR port on your phone, you can install a universal remote app to control all devices with a single remote.

6. Reading Books

Suppose you love reading. When moving around, you can't carry books. Download Kindle app or read eBook from the Amazon Store, as you like. If you subscribe to audio version reading, you can listen to the audio book of your choice.

7. Scientific Research

If your old phone is working fine, you can contribute to scientific research. In the App Store, you have apps that use the phone to collect information. Simply select the preferred project, connect the phone to Wi-Fi and join the journey of the future.