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Advantages of SIM Free Mobile Phones

Tulika Nair
With mobile phones becoming as common as they have, it is not difficult to see why users would want to opt for services and options that allow them maximum benefits and freedom. In this article, we give you the advantages of SIM-free mobile phones that allows you to decide for yourself how it could be a better option.
Until a couple of years ago using mobile phones was the privilege of the rich, something that you could only afford if you had the money needed to go along with it. Today of course, the scenario is much more different. Not only are mobile phones affordable but the growth of this communication device has increased by leaps and bounds, thanks to the fact that the initial costs that were incurred by the use of mobile phones have fallen dramatically now because of new technologies.
There are many different kinds of technologies used by mobile service providers which include CDMA technology and GSM technology. When we talk about SIM free mobile phones or unlocked cell phones, then we are referring to those phones that are compatible with what is known as the GSM technology.
These phones are sold to users without a connection or a contract which allows the user the freedom to decide on the network that he or she wants to use. This is one of the biggest advantages of SIM free mobile phones. We tell you about some more benefits in this article.

Benefits of Sim Free Mobile Phones

A SIM free mobile phone offers you a lot of freedom and flexibility and is therefore a perfect option for those people who travel a lot and do not want to deal with using a phone that cannot be used outside a contract. Given below are some of the main advantages of using a SIM free mobile phone.
  • One of the biggest benefits of owning a SIM free mobile phone is that you are in no way bound by a contract and therefore, can choose for yourself a mobile service provider who suits your needs for the moment. There is no lock in period, so if your mobile service is giving you any problem, you are free to shift to another provider.
  • With a SIM free mobile phone, you have the advantage of being able to change your handset as and when you want and this could be a blessing for gadget freaks. With contract phones, you get stuck with a specific phone model and this can be avoided completely by opting for a SIM free mobile phone.
  • Many people are of the belief that if you buy a phone from the network service provider, then you will end up paying a lot less, then you would do paying for a SIM free mobile. This could not be further from the truth. The only difference lies in the fact that with a SIM free mobile phone you are required to pay for the phone entirely when you buy it, and with a contractual phone, you pay for the same in installments. And in recent times, the cost of SIM free mobile phones have gone down, so you can afford to buy one easily.
  • With a contractual phone, regardless of your usage, sometimes you can end up paying a lot more because of the monthly payment plan but with SIM free phones, you can save quite a lot of money because the cost will depend on your network usage. Since you can pay according to your usage, you end up saving quite a lot of money on your phone bill, especially when you are on roaming and have the freedom to pick a mobile service that works out for you.
  • With SIM free mobile phones, you can rest assured that you can download almost any application or update that is compatible with the phone and there is not restriction as customized by the network operator.
These are just some of the main advantages of SIM free mobile phones. Today some of the most high-end phones are available in SIM free versions, so you have a wide range of options that you can choose from, whether you are searching for a basic phone or a smart phone. Just pick a phone that matches your geeky gadget needs and you should be ready to go.