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Best Laptop Brands List

Saptakee Sengupta

Knowing the best brands will be of immense help to you when you plan to buy a new laptop. Here we have sorted out the premium brands prevailing in the market.
Laptops have now become a household commodity. It's definitely useful because of its size, weight, and portability factors. Earlier, laptops occupied just a small niche in the market and were used only in specialized fields. Today, laptops are found in almost every household.
With new inventions and tremendous development in the field of technology, many software companies have started manufacturing laptops and are competing with each other to emerge as the best in the market. They try to improve their product quality for ultimate customer satisfaction.
Therefore, it's very natural for a common man to face difficulty in judging the quality of different laptop brands, without having sufficient knowledge about software configurations. For your help, we have figured out the best laptop brands over here.

Top Laptop Brands


Apple laptops are built-in with a good sound system along with other premium features. When judged by compatibility parameters, Apple laptops get knocked down. Apple is known for style and quality and today it has launched a large number of products that are highly acclaimed by consumers.


Dell is one of the best and most popular laptop brands ruling the market. It's well-known for its longevity, durability and robustness. Dell laptops are reliable and give high performance. The trendy looks of Dell laptops and the cost affordable prices further make Dell an excellent product.


Hewlitt Packard (HP) is very user-friendly and has a good support system. HP has different note-book models with different screen sizes. The first laptop manufactured by HP was HP Multimedia PC, model numbers 6100, 6140S, and 6170S. Today HP manufactures eight notebook models that are customizable in the U.S. only.


Compaq was founded in 1982 and it marketed portable computers. It merged with HP in 2011. Today most Compaq products are branded as HP. Some computer oriented products still remained in the name of Compaq Presario. The budget models are priced according to the configuration. The prices are affordable for beginners.


Lenovo Group Limited, a Chinese based multinational company manufactured and marketed laptops in the brand name Lenovo. In 2009, Lenovo was the fourth largest vendor of personal computers in the world. Lenovo is undoubtedly a quality product.

Sony Vaio

Vaio is a sub-brand of Sony's computer products, manufacturing and marketing laptops. Vaio is the acronym for Visual Audio Intelligence Organizer. It is known to have premium features and components. The price is high as compared to other laptop brands.


Samsung owns a good market reputation. They have high-end models with impressive features. The price also increases with high-end features and configurations.


Acer is improving constantly and can be included in the list of good laptop brands. It has a very decent budget model and is economically priced. Since it's a new brand, it still needs solid marketing to compete with other brands.


Asus is also gaining momentum in the market. It's improving the quality of products and making a good reputation in the market. They are capitalizing mainly on netbook market which is experiencing impressive sales and profits.
Other good laptop brands include LG - Xnote, MSI (Micro-Star International), Panasonic, Toshiba, HCL, and TG Sambo. Check the features like warranty period, memory, back up, and after sales service before investing.