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Best Time to Buy a TV

Rahul Thadani
You can save on big bucks if you know just when's the perfect time to get a TV for yourself. If you can do without the absolutely latest models, you will find some great bargains on older models, as soon as the newer models come out.
There are thousands of TV models available in the market today, and this leaves many people wondering which one is the best one and also the best time to buy one.
There are certain times during the year that are better suited for making purchases, especially when we are speaking of consumer electronics. By knowing the best time, you can get the best deal, or the latest model (although they might not come cheap), as one prefers.

Right Time and Model

The general rule that you need to keep in mind is that as the new models keep coming in year after year, the prices of the old models will keep dropping. So if you don't mind buying a TV that was released about 6 - 12 months ago, then you can get some pretty neat deals. Also, not a lot has changed in the way you watch TV, at least for the average user.
Of course, there have been many innovations like 3D television sets, but they still cater to a very small niche of people. Big players do not bring about huge changes in the medium segment televisions, so there isn't a lot you will miss out on when you go in for a sale, rather than pick up the latest TV set.
Winter and spring seasons are the time when the major TV manufacturers roll out their new models, and these go up for sale a few months after their launch. So this is the best time for you to purchase the older models.

Holiday Weekends

Holiday weekends are another great time to buy a TV. You have a lot of choices as far as this is concerned, as you can opt for purchasing the TV set on the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Columbus Day, and President's Day.
Many stores across the country offer very good deals on these weekends, but if you miss the window of opportunity, then you'll have to deal with very high prices due to the increased demand.

Christmas and New Year's Season

Christmas is usually the time when you see a mad shopping frenzy. The retailers and even the manufacturers cash in on this festive time by rolling out some real nice offers and discounts. So just around the end of the year (Christmas and New Year season) is the perfect time to pick up that TV that you've always wanted for your home.


Another great time to go shopping for your TV and electronic gadgets in general, is soon after the CES (Consumer Electronic Show), held each year in January, where most companies display the latest line of their products.
To make way for these new gadgets, the old (mind you, these are just relatively older) stuff can be picked up at heavily discounted rates. March, ideally is the time when these new products hit the stores, and the older models sell for peanuts.

The Superbowl?

Many people also feel that the best time of the year to buy a TV set is when the Superbowl is just about to start. You must not fall for this misconception, because the demand for HDTVs and flat screen TVs is very high at this time, resulting growth in the prices.
Although, just after the Superbowl, there has been a noticeable drop in the prices for TVs. So you might want to put off buying that huge TV till after the games.

Black Friday

The day following Thanksgiving, which sets off the Christmas shopping season is called Black Friday. Companies often offer huge discounts on TVs to flag off their sales. If you look around, or even check online, you are bound to find some absolute steals. 
These sales are for one day only, and most products go out of stock within the first couple of hours. This is by far one of the best times to get your hands on that television set you've been wanting for so long.
Determining the best time depends on how well you can read the market, because the prices are always decided by the market forces of demand and supply. If the demand is greater, the prices will rise, and if the demand is lower, the prices will subsequently fall. If you can anticipate these changes, you will certainly find the best deals for yourself.
If you want an even bigger discount apart from the ones mentioned, simply walk into a garage sale in the neighborhood; you never know what you might find. For an absolute steal though, you might want to keep your eyes peeled for the 'Going Out of Business' Sale!