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Broken LCD Screen

Rahul Thadani Feb 16, 2020
A damaged LCD screen can ruin your viewing experience completely, so you must do all you can to remedy the problem. Unfortunately, you can only replace it, or you can dispose off the TV set or the laptop that you are using.
Many people have to occasionally face up to the problem when the LCD screen breaks due to some reason, whether it is on their laptops or their television sets. It completely ruins the viewing experience, and needs to be fixed immediately. Instead of replacing the entire device altogether, you can carry out a repair by replacing only the screen.
Another situation where people have to cope with this problem is when they buy a laptop or a TV set off ebay. They think that they can repair the screen for a few hundred dollars instead of buying a new machine altogether, but be warned in such cases. The owner is also aware of this, so there may be a different reason why he is selling the item online.

Reasons for a Broken LCD Screen

You should know that LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens on plasma TVs and other flat TVs have two layers of glass, and the outer layer is present merely for the protection of the inner layer. A crack on the outer layer is very easy to repair, as it does not require any special type of glass, and it does not spoil the quality of the picture that you see.
On the other hand, the inner layer is what is also known as the 'plasma panel', or the 'display'. Any damage suffered by this screen will make it unviewable, and the TV set will be rendered useless as a result. Needless to say, this will require your immediate attention.
A broken plasma panel will result in a complete lack of picture on the screen, and this panel cannot be repaired. It needs a complete overhaul, or replacement. It is economical to replace this panel in most cases, but in the case of a few select TV sets, buying a new TV is the best option.
It is easier to carry out repair for laptop computers, because every computer repair shop will be able to do it. There are many companies which manufacture suitable and reliable replacement screens, and all these companies also provide technical expertise on the same.

What To Do

There are two options available in this scenario. You can either replace the damaged LCD screen, or you can simply purchase a new TV or laptop. Continuing to use the same is possible if it is the outer panel that is broken, though you may have to adapt to watching the crack. But if the plasma panel is damaged, you will be unable to see anything.
You can visit a consumer electronics recycler and dispose off the device there, or you can sell off all the parts within the device individually.
If you are feeling adventurous and think that you can repair by yourself, then you are more than welcome to try. This is tricky business though, so you need to make sure of two things. Firstly, you must gather accurate instructions about the process from a reliable source, and secondly, you must purchase the correct replacement from an authorized dealer.
Do not take any chances with this procedure, or you may end up causing more damage than you bargained for.
A problem with the screen is not the end of the world, but it is something that needs to given enough attention immediately. It can completely ruin your viewing experience, so you must loosen those purse strings a bit.