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An Overview of Buy Now Pay Later Laptops

Medha Godbole
There are some schemes, under which laptops can be bought instantly, but paid for later. Here is an overview of buy now pay later laptops. They are proving to be a boon for those who are cash strapped.
Okay, your pockets and bank account are dangerously empty. If eating a chili dog wasn't a proof enough of you being in a sort of financial contingency, now you have a laptop urgency! On a serious note, though in case you are really in such a situation, you need not despair.
You can still own a swank new laptop from Dell or Acer! Why do you think all these shops and stores have these amazing offers? These are for us, poor, cash-deprived souls to lap up when we need such electronic devices. One such scheme, which is pretty popular is the buy now pay later scheme. Take a look at what this is all about.

Vital Information

Mainly, as the name suggests, you can take the laptop home, and then pay later. However, these programs are for people who are sure that they will be able to pay at a later date. In addition to this, it is also designed in a way that if a customer is not willing to pay a lump sum amount, he or she can have small monthly payments.
After the 30 day period gets over, then you will have to start paying off as you would do in any such purchase. So basically, if you don't have a good amount of dollars in your pocket at that very moment, this is your best bet!
When shopping online, such offers are done through websites like 'bill me later'. After your purchase, for 30 days, you need not start paying off.

With No Deposit

When you are short of cash and you cannot even think of paying a certain amount upfront, do not worry. Even if the situation is bleak in stores where you will have to pay some amount upfront, there are stores, which do offer you a 'no-deposit' plan. Under these offers, you will not have to pay any money upfront as deposit.
Although, akin to any other credit program, you may need to submit some documents - identification, bank details, and clear, good credit history. If these things are in order, the store will give an immediate thumbs up to the technical appliance you want to buy within the scheme.
A very important thing to remember here is that, such offers may or may not be easily available all the time, by all the major companies. So, you need to keep your eyes and ears open for such deals, and grab them when opportunity strikes. A few years back, Fujitsu had this offer, wherein people could buy the laptop and pay later.

With No Credit Checks

Rent to own laptops, no credit check is almost a similar option sans the deposit. Here, what a customer needs to do is that, he/she needs to file a credit application, just like he/she would for a credit card.
The interest that a person pays, depends on how much time that person takes to repay the money. Apart from 'bill me' later, you have Pay Pal buyer credit. If you have this account, all you have to do is apply for PayPal buyer credit. If you do not, just sign up and you are ready to go.
So all in all, this scheme is extremely convenient for a range of people - from high school students to even a small time businessman. It is perfect to get convenience of a laptop by not having to pay a huge amount at one go.