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Cell Phone Listening Devices

Gaynor Borade
Cell phone devices are small and easily portable. The technology capitalizes on these two features to enable surveillance without being around. There are a number of gadgets also used by the FBI and private investigators.
Surveillance demands a lot of groundwork and preparation and the help of spy-surveillance equipment. If not equipped with the right knowledge and technology, you simply end up wasting a lot of time and energy in the bargain. If the pursuit is for important information, then the most convenient method of surveillance is the cell phone listening device.
There are different types of cell phone listening devices. They come in various sizes and transmitter strengths. The devices are priced according to the quality and power of the integrated components. These spy gadgets are manufactured by professionals who spend years on research and engineering technology to meet the demands of the industry.

Types of cell phone devices


The phone bug is probably the most popular and common in use. A 'bug' can be attached almost anywhere. The name probably comes from its real life counterpart that has the same ability. The bugs are designed to transmit signals to distant locations and record voices. They are either placed directly into the cell phone or attached onto the case or person.
The gadget is designed to resemble a tiny strip of Velcro or even a pen or pocket watch. The device captures important conversations and even records for later use. This enables the user to access the cell phone listening device at a later, more convenient time, to listen in on vital information.

Distant Voice Recorders

These are designed to facilitate serious, secret surveillance. The distant-sound capturing recorders enable the user to listen to conversations and vital information imparted even when the person suspected of fraud or treason is not anywhere near.
The recorders for spy phones are easily available online and offline and the prices vary according to the integrated features and material quality. These listening devices function via powerful parabolic equipment that amplify the voices and sounds. They work well even in remote areas. The recording or live conversations can be 'caught' while traveling too.

Wearable Listening Devices

The limitations that a dictaphone and regular voice recorders have, cannot match up to the demands of sleek surveillance. The wearable listening devices cannot be spotted and remain in the most remote corners of the attire of a person.
The devices come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be as large as a pen or eyeglass or as tiny as a speck under your collar or sock! The wearable cell phone listening devices record quality sound via microphones that are highly sensitive.

Built-in Cell Phone Listening Devices

In the case of teenagers and staff that become suspects, the built-in devices are the safest bet. These audio surveillance tools enable parents to track teen-conversations and take timely action, should something seem wrong.
In the case of employers wanting to track employee conversations via mobile phones provided by the company, the built-in devices have enabled quite a few to check communication with competitors and suppliers.

Software for Cell Phone Listening

A commonly used method for mobile listening devices is to purchase a software called Flexispy and install it on the target phone. Next place the phone at the location you want to bug or just activate it by going online and using a virtual key. Once activated the software will enable you to eavesdrop on a conversation.
A point to remember here, most countries around the world including the US have termed the use of this software to spy on other people to be illegal and can result in jail time.
Another software called ClubMz's e-Spy enables the user to listen to conversations and even receive a copy of the list of SMS sent and received.
After installing the software on the targeted phone, you will receive an SMS that will provide you the date, time, telephone number, whenever the targeted phone is in use. The software also provides and option to intercept the communication and indicates whether the call was incoming or outgoing.
These are only some of the models that are easily available in the global market. The technology is improving by the minute and so is the reach of the market. You don't have to be a spy-parent or investigator to use any one or many of the cell phone listening devices.
They help in keeping a check on communication that could be vital to the well-being of the person concerned. The surveillance devices can be bought individually or fitted into an existent cell phone. In the case of teenagers, these devices enable parents to keep a check on drug abuse and unsocial activities, well in time.
The various designs come at affordable prices and offer great 'live' assistance. Most are offered with a one-year warranty. If shopped for online, the stores guarantee drop shipping, free of cost!