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How to Clean a Laptop Screen

Kalpana Kumari

It's essential that the laptop screen be cleaned once in a while, to maintain picture clarity. Here are some tips about doing the job using special cleaners and household products.
Presence of dust, dirt, smears, and fingerprints on the laptop screen is no doubt unpleasing to the eyes. It is irritating to work on laptop in such a condition. An ideal option is to not let your screen get into such a poor state. Clean it regularly. It will be even better if you use suitable cleaning agents and proper cleaning techniques.
Laptop screen cleaning agents are basically of two types, commercial and homemade. You may get a commercial cleanser or cleaning solution from an electronics shop or office supply store.

Using Special Cleaners

There are kits available in the market for the purpose of cleaning screens. The kit comprises of microfiber cloths and antistatic solutions. The usage directions are usually mentioned on the pack. Cleaning wipes are also quite effective.
Clean the laptop screen with a dry cotton cloth to remove dust and dirt. Spray the solution on the laptop screen and rub it with microfiber cloth. Let it dry. The anti-static solution leaves a slight film which acts as a protective cover on the laptop screen. This cover repels dust and smudges, thereby keeping the screen clean for long.
You can make such solutions at home. Some examples of solutions are hexane and water, petroleum benzine and water, and isopropyl alcohol (91%) and water. Select and make anyone of these solutions. Spray the solution on the microfiber cloth and wipe the screen lengthwise. It will remove dust, dirt, smear, smudges and even finger impressions from it.

Using Household Products

In case you cannot spend much, you can get impressive results by using household products. Moreover, most of the commercial products contain ammonia and alcohol. Cleaning the screen with alcohol and ammonia is never recommended as they tend to degrade the LCD panel over time. You can make a solution from substances available in your household.
One such substance which is widely used is vinegar. Mix equal quantities of vinegar and water. Stir well to make a solution. Take a clean and dry cotton cloth and dip it into the freshly prepared solution. Take the cloth out and squeeze it to remove extra water.
Open the laptop screen, and wipe it with another dry cloth to remove dust and dirt. Now, wipe the laptop screen with the wet cotton cloth. Move the cloth lengthwise. Allow the cleaned and wet screen to dry. You may find some dust on the screen when it is dry. Remove it with a dry cotton cloth. The laptop screen is expected to appear dust-free and shiny.
There are some cleaning tips that you may follow to increase the screen's life. First of all, never use cleaning products containing alcohol, ammonia, and strong cleaning agents. Secondly, never use tissues or paper towels to clean the laptop screen. They give poor results.
Thirdly, never keep any kind of eatables or drinks on or near the laptop. Lastly, clean the screen at least once a week, to keep it clean and shining, like it's new.