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Connecting Laptop to TV

Ratnashri Dutta Feb 29, 2020
Learn the ways in which you can easily connect your laptop to your TV.
Watching a movie on the TV is far better than watching it on your laptop computer or desktop computer. But sometimes, while connecting a laptop to the TV set, people face quite a few problems. They have no idea as to which wire should go where, what are the wires that are required, what are correct ways to connect both of them, etc.
Hence, people end up connecting the wrong wires, and they do not get a proper connection. Thus, it's important that one knows what are the correct ways of connecting laptop to TV, what are the important wires that are required, which wire should go where, etc. Here are some simple steps to help you connect your laptop to a TV.

How to Connect Laptop to TV

While trying to connect laptop to TV, make sure that you have the mentioned wires with you. The list of cords that are needed are given here. Choose any method according to your specific laptop and TV model.


S-Video is also known as the Super Video, and it is the most advanced video connector. It uses 4-prong round wires like the ones which we use while connecting the cable to the TV. This is found in almost all TVs. Connecting the laptop to TV with S-Video is the cheapest as well as the most popular method when it comes to a laptop TV connection.
Before connecting the laptop to TV, make sure that even your laptop has this port. You then need to press the function key on your laptop along with the external monitor button, and you're good to go.

Composite/Phono Plug (RCA)

This connector is used for the audio and video components. They have the usual three colored sockets; white socket for the left audio, the yellow color is for the composite video, and the red color is for the right audio. When you have to carry out connecting laptop to TV with sound, then you have to use this cord.

Video Graphics Array (VGA)

While using VGA cables, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. First, you have to set your laptop at a low resolution so that you can get a clear picture when you connect it to the TV. Now connect the cables. You have to show the laptop to the VGA connection on the TV.
Some of the LCD TVs might usually have a source button. You can press this unless you get the laptop to TV VGA source. Otherwise, press the function key on your laptop and at the same time press the external monitor button. This varies from one laptop model to another.
Make sure that your resolution is low enough, otherwise, you will not have a proper connection. So now you have some good information about how to connect a laptop to a TV. But that's not all, there's more.

Digital Video Interface (DVI)

If you have the DVI, then well and good. They give you a much better picture than the S-Video or VGA. Make sure that your laptop has a DVI connection. This port has 24 pins. If you connect the laptop to the TV with the DVI, then your TV needs to be an HDTV. The only drawback of using this cord is that it is very expensive.

High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)

This is half the size of the DVI port and has 19 pins. This is used in order to provide digital audio along with digital video. If you want a complete connection of the laptop to the TV, then this is the best thing that you can use. This does not require any additional audio cable. You are sure to enjoy your laptop to TV experience through this method.
These are the different cables and the different ways that you can use when it comes to connecting laptop to TV. Make sure that both your laptop and your TV have the connections. It would be useless if you would get a cable and then realize that it does not fit either in your laptop or on your TV.
The S-Video and HDMI methods are the most common and best ways to go about using your laptop on your television set. So connect your laptop to your TV and enjoy with your family and friends.