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15 Definite Signs that You're a Technophile

Roma Dar
Technophiles are living in the golden age of technology, an age full of almost every cool gadget conceived in popular 1900s fiction. A section of the population chooses to associate themselves with the developments, and are super tech-savvy.
We all know whether we're pro technology or against it. Going further, we know whether we really love everything to do with technology or whether we take it in our stride and use it because we can and want to. Finding out whether you're a tech bum is easy enough once you read the "symptoms".

Latest Gadgets

You have the latest releases in every sphere of technological innovation if you can afford it... because you've already pre-ordered it online the day they were announced.
One may find that the technophile has changed gadgets at least once every two or three months. They are seen with something new every time they meet the same person. You can even dish on the gossip and production issues of each gadget during its development stage.

Tried to Fix Something at least Once in Life

At some point in life, the technophile has tried to prise open a malfunctioning piece of machinery and mend it.
What happened of the gadget decided their career there and then. A crappy "fixer-upper" became a game tester and professional reviewer. The good "fixer-upper" became the engineer. Both respected, though.

Sometimes Broke

As a result of buying so many of the latest toys to play with, the technophile sometimes goes hungry for the month.
This is a compulsive habit for extreme cases, since they're just technological shopaholics. More often, though, tech lovers simply save up every penny they possibly can in order to provide for the huge expense of regular gadgety consumption. So what's your status?

Old Tech Subscriptions

Step into the home of any ardent devotee of technology, and one may find several old prized volumes and subscriptions littered around the house, reminiscent of the old days. This person will also be a fine connoisseur of old gadgets that are rare now, that too in perfect working condition.
If one looks into their search history, one finds that (s)he has an online subscription to every online magazine related to their field. You're probably looking at your search history now.

May Love Sci-fi

Science fiction has captured the imagination of thousands of people since the novels of H. G. Wells came around, but none more than the technophile. Even if you despise reading, you will give these novels and movies a go.

Career in Software

Rest-assured they are so passionate about these fields, that there is a 90% probability that they're in the software field, or shooting for it. Whether a web developer, ethical hacker, product designer or a part-time game tester, the admirer of all things metallic will undoubtedly pursue a career path in software or something related. Don't look shocked.

Life Managed by Apps

Everything, from exercise schedule, daily timetables, appointments, social media, banking, booking, shopping, and even work, is done on the internet. Even the most mundane functions of daily life, like going around the block in search of cheese, is done via navigation apps.

Accepted Authority for Friends and Family

Almost everyone associated with a tech lover goes to him or her to get the latest reviews and news on the best gadget available in the market, in case they are planning to buy something.
You are counted on as the best person to guide a technologically challenged person through with buying a gadget. Your esteemed opinion is held final and incontestable.

Online Networker

Most people these days, despite being on social media, go out and have a good time with friends in the evenings or on weekends. This is rarely followed by the technologically loving section of humanity.
All their human interaction (or whatever they can get out of it, when they're not hooked to a screen) is done through the phone, not speaking for days on end if they live alone. Do be ashamed. Or not.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Separation anxiety or withdrawal symptoms from your favorite gadget include mild irritation, boredom, anxiety, and a constant attempt to regain the gadget. This includes an inability to access the internet as well. You go batcrap crazy if you realize you forgot your phone at home or are forced to actually make conversation.

All Close Buds are Techies

Except family, almost everyone the technophile knows is someone who is just as obsessed with technology as they are.
Such friends almost always come over or invite the technophile for a game or product release. They will also invite other friends or acquaintances unrelated to their field, to such events. After reading this description you refused to be called a spammer.

Techie Talk all the Time

A technologically challenged person will find it very hard to communicate with someone who lives and breathes technology, like you, for instance.
Especially since they're in the same company all the time, one finds that talking about their favorite topic cheers them up like Christmas came early. There's nothing like a hot debate about the pros and cons of the latest smartphone over an evening at a 5-star restaurant, isn't it?

One Monitor is Never Enough

This is mostly observed with employees of MNCs and people professionally associated with heavy-duty computer work, but is a trend that is catching up with the ones merely indulgent at home.
One might see them propped up in a comfortable armchair, or even in bed, surrounded by multiple monitors, with the latest version of whatever they need (read want). You can go hide in your blanket now if you wish.

Gaming Tendencies

Several people obsessed with computers and anything related to their pedigree, will know this is true: they're unabashedly gamers.
Whether on their PCs or cells, there will be a few big name games and many more lesser known ones. Of course, this caters to stereotypes, but what doesn't these days?

Linux is Preferred

When it comes to operating systems, it is almost always agreed that Linux trumps the others by a mile. A technophile, if he knows what it is, will almost always opt for Linux. (Some technophiles do not care for operating systems, but more for design and User Interfaces).
Being a technophile is liberating. You are exactly what you want to be, and keenly follow your passions with a pride and tenacity that earns you respect as long as you do not become addicted. So enjoy the phase if you are a technophile or know someone like this!