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Do Laptops Give Off Radiation?

Fatima Rangwala
The people who use laptop devices on regular basis want to know whether they give off radiation. Is it harmful to the body in some way or the other? What are the basic measures meant to be adopted? Find the answers for these questions right here.
The amount of fame laptops have garnered over the past few years is enormous. It has lessened the manual labor and has proved to be the most efficient, quick, and handy device ever created in the world of technology. But, apart from all the positives of this electronic gadget, there are always bound to be some negatives too.
For instance, the first thought that comes to our mind when we use an electronic gadget like is whether they emit any sort of harmful radiation. This question validates when our body begins to show some unusual symptoms of illness or sickness, which is how we learn about the side-effects of using laptops, TVs, microwaves, and so on.
We expose ourselves to high levels of electromagnetic radiations on a daily basis when we utilize certain electronic appliances. The use of a microwave or an oven in the kitchen is often employed for cooking or baking specific dishes. The radiation given off by these is harmful to an extent.
We also use cell phones, wireless Internet, computers, laptops, digital TV, etc. All of these electronic gadgets give off different levels of electromagnetic radiations. But today, these appliances have become such an integral part of our everyday life that thinking of surviving without them is almost impossible.
The most used device today is a laptop. Be it in terms of convenience or portability, these devices are expended by every businessman, college student, or entertainment junkie.
In general, today's modern age has a heavy usage of laptops, but has anyone ever thought of them as giving off radiation? We all really need to know this vital piece of information.

Do Laptops Give Out Radiation?

The radiation emitted from the various electronic devices is moderate. But, the radiation being on a moderate level doesn't mean that it's not dangerous. As compared to a desktop computer or a microwave, the emission of waves passing off a laptop computer are ten times less harmful and dangerous.
On the contrary, if the laptop is used for several hours at a stretch, there are chances that the user can suffer from various health problems, like prostate cancer, infertility, or testicular cancer. The chances of these conditions are rare, unless a person is using the laptop for several hours a day.
A prolonged exposure to radiation can cause the living cells in the body to become inactive day by day. Moreover, with such a high level of radiating waves passing off the laptop, the cells in the body of a user cannot sustain the harm caused from it.
Furthermore, a body absorbing so much of radiation from the laptop actually enhances the mutation rate amongst the living organisms, which are sometimes not beneficial too.
A constant exposure to radiation can even lead to minor headaches and shooting pains in joints and muscles. Some people are comfortable placing the laptop on their lap, legs, or knees while working. Most of the time, these people suffer from skin burns and heat problems, as the fan and the hardware present on the back side of the laptop gets heated.
Another common issue of placing the laptop on the lap is the condition of infertility. Since the placement of the device happens to be really close to the genitals, the capacity of developing sperms in a man's body reduces. And for women, there can be an irregularity in their periods, causing fertility problems.
So, to avoid all these problems, work the simple and the efficient way out. Place your laptop a few inches away from your body and sight. You can probably get a laptop stand or a table to place it on. Most of the time, the radiation which we think is given off the laptop mainly passes off from the inner workings and very less from the screen.
There are other considerations as well which do harm to our body, like the position we sit with the laptop in our hand or lap. Instead, you can place it on a hard surface a few inches away from you so as to avoid burning eyes and headaches.
Secondly, avoid using the device for prolonged hours, unless it's necessary. Look away from the screen time and again. Take short breaks and then settle down with your work once again. If you are using the laptop for sheer entertainment, get rid of your addiction soon.