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Essential Gadgets to Increase Productivity When Working From Home

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“Work from home” being the new normal is finding a strong place in the future. So creating an office-like workspace at home has become the need of an hour. Here is a checklist of gadgets required to make the “Work from Home” a smooth process.
Go Ergonomic for Chair
Use computer chair specially designed for long hour seating. Ergonomic chairs are very comfortable giving you a perfect back and neck support. These come in varied adjustable options.

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Make a Right Pair: Mouse and Keyboard
If you are working on a laptop, then it is recommended to opt for a basic mouse and keyboard. If you are working at night, then buy backlit keyboard so you can continue to work in low light.
Broaden the Internet
Using a good internet connection adds to the efficiency of the work. Opt in for broadband (speed 50Mbps to 1Gbps) or Wi-fi connection over the mobile internet (15Mbps).
Reach out Through the Wi-Fi Router
Having only a good internet will not suffice your needs to stay in an uninterrupted connection. To make the most of the connectivity even with an increased number of users, a Smart Wi-Fi router comes to your rescue, which increases the range of the internet.

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Smart Wi-Fi router Features
  • Gigabit Wi-Fi 1Gbps + speed
  • Simultaneous streaming to multiple devices
  • High-powered antennas that help extend Wi-Fi coverage for large homes
  • Smart parental controls, separate Guest Wi-Fi access
Pick One: Laptop Stand or a Cooling Fan
Laptop stand or a cooling fan helps in increasing the life of the system. The fan cools the system by pulling air through the vent. This might also improve the posture of your body.
Focus with Headphones and Mic
"Work from Home" can have a lot of distractions. Tune out to these distractions using headphones with a mic to listen carefully and be heard clearly in your meetings.
Stay Uniterrupted with UPS Inverter
UPS inverter gives you extra power backup during power fluctuations. A UPS gives you file saving time, during unplanned power failure.

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