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External Laptop Battery Charger

Rahul Thadani
Laptop batteries are notoriously short-lived, and they need to be recharged on a constant basis. With the help of an external charger, you can solve this problem effectively.
One of the biggest problems that people who own laptop computers face is that of the battery running out of charge from time to time, and this can be solved by using an external charger. A typical battery lasts for a duration that falls anywhere between 1 to 3 hours, and getting a laptop to last beyond this is a real miracle.
The time will be even shorter if you are running some heavy duty programs on the machine, or if you are using the speakers of the laptop. One way around this problem is to carry around a spare battery, and this is an accessory that many people prefer.
If you are in a situation where you are unable to charge the battery using your regular charger, then this is the next best option that you have. Using an external charger is something that you can do as well, and this will help you avoid this problem most of the time.
An external charger will require you to place the laptop battery in its dock, and then connect it to a power source. It will be extremely useful for those people who have lost their regular charger as well.
If you are in the habit of carrying around a spare battery, then this charger will serve you well, as it will give you the option to charge the spare battery anywhere you find a power source. Even people who find that their regular charger does not work anymore will find this product very useful indeed.

External Recharger for Laptop Batteries

You will need to note down the specific model number and, of course, the brand of your laptop. These external chargers are usually model specific, and more commonly, brand specific. There is no such thing as a universal charger, so you need to know all the information beforehand.
Head to a reliable and well-stocked consumer electronics store, or head to the retail outlet of the laptop brand that you are using, to get a guaranteed piece that will work with your machine. They will also provide you with some information on laptop battery troubleshooting, that could prove useful to you.
Another alternative for you is to get yourself a universal battery and charger pack. This is an external battery that will not be placed inside your laptop. Instead, you will attach the battery to your laptop externally, and it will power up your computer for a few more hours. The charger that accompanies these universal batteries can also be used.
The battery itself will have many docks so you can connect it to a number of devices other than the laptop as well. You must remember to NEVER connect this external battery to the USB port of your laptop. The various problems that people face that lead them to this resort are of the battery not charging, not working and laptop plugged in but not charging.
When you are using a portable charger for laptop batteries you can be assured that your battery will never run out of charge, no matter what the circumstances may be. These chargers come at a cost though, and they will be available for anything between USD 50 to USD 200, depending on the brand and the model that you are using.
The universal battery and charger sets will cost around USD 100. All the major laptop manufacturers (Dell, Apple, Sony, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, HP, Compaq and IBM Lenovo) recognize that people will face this problem from time to time, and thus release chargers for their specific models and series.
If the various methods of battery care have not significantly increased your laptop battery life, then you are left with no other option. When you go out to buy these chargers for yourself, you must know all the details about the model that you are using.
With this vital information at hand, you can pick out a charger that is compatible with your laptop. Alternatively, you can pick out a universal battery and a charger to ensure that your laptop battery is never out of charge, no matter where you go.