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Features to Look While Buying a Mobile Phone for Senior Citizens

Rahul Saxena May 7, 2019
Although there is a steady stream of the latest phones getting released almost every other day, one category that doesn’t usually get targeted by well-known brands is the senior citizen. Despite that, in the last few years, senior citizen mobile phones have been introduced.
For an older adult, having a smartphone seems an out of context option. The reason for this situation can be plenty. Either smartphone is too expensive to buy or quite complicated to operate, especially if there is no one around to teach them how to regulate the device.
Still, the need to provide an adequate phone to seniors of the house cannot be denied. There are innumerable situations that can prove that a mobile phone in the hands of a senior citizen can be a savior.
Having said that, here are some of the considerable features that you must be looking into the device if you are ready to buy a phone for the older person of the house. Read on and know more.

1. Louder Volume Range

As obvious as it can be, the senses of a senior citizen would not be as active as a youngster. Therefore, while buying a phone, make sure that you cross check the volume aspect of it. If the older person has difficulty in hearing, a mobile with a louder range of volume would be appropriate enough.
In the market, you can also find such specifically designed phones that are meant for people with hearing impairment. And then, there are such devices as well that are compatible with varied hearing aids. Also, make sure that the phone has a physical button to adjust the volume so that the person doesn’t have to face problems.

2. Full Qwerty Keyboard

There was a time when users had to hit a single button repeatedly to form a sentence while texting, thanks to flip phones. While such phones can be handled easily by youngsters, when it comes to senior citizens, they might have a tough time sending an SMS to their loved ones.
If the receiving person is not interested in a touch screen phone, you can consider buying one with a full Qwerty keyboard. This will make typing and SMS sending procedure easier for them.

3. Availability of Camera

With growing age, people discover innumerable hobbies & activities to do in their free time. Thanks to advanced technology, everything seems to be quite possible for a person, irrespective of age or gender. So, if your elder person loves clicking picture, of the flowers or their grandchildren, you may look for a mobile phone with a good quality camera.
Not just higher-end smartphones, even the basic of phones today comprise this feature. Also, you can even keep in mind if they want to record videos on the phone. Plus, video chatting with other family members could be kept in mind as well while assessing the camera.

4. Large Screen & Buttons

Just like the hearing senses, even eye-sight of senior citizens get impacted usually. In such a situation, buying such a phone that doesn’t have a large screen or buttons would be of no use to them. After all, what can they even do with the phone if they are unable to figure out the position of buttons or read anything on the screen?
Most senior-friendly mobile phones feature oversized screen and large buttons in comparison with usual phones. They may also include the option to adjust the font size to ease out the eye strain.

5. Emergency Button

Amidst everything else, taking care of their health and well-being is your utmost priority. But, what if they are stuck in an emergency somewhere in the public place? How can they reach the right help? To prevent any undesirable calamities, you can purchase a phone that would support a physical button for emergency purposes.
Just by pressing that particular button, they should be able to contact either you or anybody else who can help them out. This could be a helpful feature for them if they are in a problem and don’t have enough time to search through the contact list just to make a call or send a message.


Undoubtedly, a mobile phone is a fantastic tool that can provide your aging loved ones the independence and freedom to live their life the way they want, whether with your or alone. With a sense of security and safety, even you would be able to concentrate more on your work and personal life, without worrying about them much.
So, while purchasing a phone, make sure that you have crossed-checked all the essential features. Gift the love of freedom to your loved ones in the form of an attractive and advanced mobile phone. You can always check out some of the trustworthy portals with a gamut of information on smartphones for senior citizens like Seniority.in.