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How to Block Incoming Calls on Your Cell Phone

Medha Godbole Feb 27, 2020
Annoyed with unwanted calls from telemarketers or bothersome acquaintances? You must be desperately wanting to block incoming calls on your cell phone. Relax. It is quite easy and there are no hassles involved.
Have you ever answered calls from investment companies wanting to know your investment plans? Have they tried convincing you into saving money using their schemes? Certain companies offer great interest rates to lure people into their tricks. Does this sound familiar?
If you have answered such a call without knowing who the caller is; you may even feel like hurling abuses at that caller, especially when you are busy or are expecting an important phone call. Nothing out of the world. Most of us have faced this problem.
And yes, it does get vexatious. What do you do in response to this? Do you throw away your cell phone in frustration or simply switch it off? No need to do either, just check out the methods in the text to come!

Ways to Block Incoming Calls

Phone Settings

Many a time, your cell phone itself would have the facility of blocking calls. Given below are the steps to execute this facility in your phone.
  • Go to your cell phone menu.
  • Then go to the 'Settings' sub menu and access 'Security' settings.

Call Screening

  • You would either find a 'Call Restrictions' or a 'Call Barring' option there. These settings could be phone-specific, and may vary depending on the phone's model.
  • Choose incoming calls by scrolling down the options into the menu.
  • This way, you would have disabled all the calls coming in.
  • You can block specific numbers too; for example, your beloved telemarketers, who are giving you a hell of a time.

The Service Provider

Another method to get the problem resolved is contacting your service provider. In most cases, the service providers do help you block the annoying callers.
Also, check out the national 'do not disturb' registry. It is really helpful, free of cost, and you can be on their list for as long as five years.

Call Screening

Fiddle with your phone and check out your 'Call Screening' options. Feed in the phone numbers of those you want to stay away from. If you are really lucky, you may get a call screener which will flag the last call, even when the phone number is not saved.

Filtering Software and Apps

In addition to this, you can also try downloading the call filtering software or app. It filters particular numbers and, thus, blocks them. These are based on the results from the caller ID and permit you to set up messages for unwanted calls. For instance, numbers that are not identified. Hiya and Mr. Number are among the most popular apps in this category.
We hope now that you would be able to ward off unwanted, frustrating, and annoying calls at unearthly hours. This is where we sign off, leaving you with the warning bells!