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How to Care for Your Laptop

Urvashi Pokharna
Is your laptop working slow and you have reached the verge of throwing it against the wall? Don't blame the laptop and don't blame the company that manufactured it! It may be your fault. Yes. Our sneaky habits cause problems in laptops over time.
Imagine a presentation day and you wake up to a bricked laptop. All of your data, files, hard work, gone. The repair shop guy tells you that this was because of a cola that was spilled a week back. This is a classic scenario of how negligence strikes at the final moment. This could have been avoided if you'd have taken right steps after the incident.

Tips to Care for Your Laptop

Don't Pull the Plug

Pulling the battery charger by the cord to unplug it affects the battery life.
Continuing the practice would eventually drain your battery and you'd need to replace it sooner than expected. Suddenly detaching the cable could also lead to short-circuit. You also need to make sure you don't trip on the wire. Taping the wire somewhere safe would be helpful.

It's Not Your Theater

Binge watching TV shows on your laptop should not be too casual.
You need to ensure that crumbs of snacks do not fall in your keyboard. Moisture, too can corrupt the internal systems. It should be kept in mind that it is a laptop and not the theater. Crumbs and colas can actually damage your laptop.

It Needs a Fan Too

A laptop radiates heat when the processes have been running for a long time. It needs to cool down. Although an internal fan is present in the processor, it sometimes isn't enough.
An external cooling pad would help prolong the life of the laptop. The cooling pad prevents condensation of the moisture on the surface. The motherboard will also survive longer because the heat can damage the internal components of the hardware causing your laptop to run slow and/or malfunction.

Shut it Gently

Flipping the screen without shutting the laptop down would put a tremendous pressure on the internal systems.
The internal memory takes a huge toll and the next time you open it, it might not respond with it's full potential. Also, roughly slamming the screen on to the keyboard could cause the internal LCD to be shattered, which would eventually burn a hole in your pocket.

Antivirus Protection

The Internet contains a wide variety of viruses with motives that range from Data breaching to completely bringing the system down.
Your system need to ensure the presence of an Antivirus which could catch, identify and deal with virus, malwares and DDoS attacks. The antivirus too, in turn needs to be updated for it to work efficiently.

Don't Eject the Battery

Wait for your laptop to respond before impatiently removing the battery.
This could lead to the laptop being restored to factory setting, compromising data and important files. Do not overcharge or completely drain the battery. Ensure that the average battery life is maintained for at least the initial few years.

Cleaning the Keyboard

While cleaning the screen and keyboard, care should be taken not to spray directly. Instead, use a piece of cloth and wipe the entire surface. The spray could also, in the form of moisture get inside the keyboard and affect the system.

Other Tips

● Do not use corrupted or pirated CDs and DVDs.

● Do not use corrupted or pirated CDs and DVDs.

● Don't use your laptop like a tabletop.

● Never hold the laptop by the display monitor. Use the base.

● Connect the USB in the right slot and at the right angle.
● Always put the laptop back in its bag or cover, preferably with cushioning.

● Keep the laptop away from any device that radiates a lot of heat.

● Do not use your laptop like a large storage device. Get a hard disk instead.
● Don't leave your laptop on a stand-by mode for long duration.

● Use your laptop in a cool environment. Heat is detrimental to its health.

● Keep your laptop away from sunlight too. It ultimately heats up the metal.

● Avoid using the laptop on the bed. It causes overheating and dust accumulation
● While typing, press the buttons gently. It's not your punching bag.

● Regularly clean the exhaust fans.

● Keep your laptop on a hard surface like the table. Floor is a bad idea.
● Don't touch the CD/DVD player lens. Hire a professional to clean it.

● Don't ever lose the laptop bill and warranty card. Renew the warranty if required.
● Don't always use audio speakers at maximum volume.

● Use an ear bud to clean those hard to reach corners.

● Turn off your Wi-Fi if you are not using it.

● Your hands should be completely dry when you use your laptop.
These are some quick ways to take good care of your laptop and maintain it. If you haven't been taking good care of your laptop, start now. Never ever be harsh on electronics because then, they will refuse to function at all. Changing your habits to care for your laptop can ensure that it functions smoothly and for years.