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How to Connect Jaybird Headphones

Amril Stewart Dec 23, 2019
Here is all about Jaybird headphones or how to connect Jaybird headphones. The Logitech runs a Utah-based consumer company. The company manufactures high-quality electronics. Also, Jaybird headphones are one of them. Well, the company is remarkably known for wireless Bluetooth sports headsets. It was founded by Judd Armstrong in 2006.
When it comes to sports headphones, Jaybird headphones are the top brand. The reason is, these earbuds not only reliable but easy to pair. These ensure to maintain a skip-free connection and provide high-quality connections also. For further more information read onbestreviews.com
Jaybird headphones are compatible with Bluetooth devices. However, the devices can be Android, iPhone, Windows, PC, Mac, Apple Watch, Android wear a smartwatch, iPad mini, iPad, blackberry, gaming device, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Built to Play

Unlike other headphones, it doesn’t matter whether it is raining or sweating; these earbuds are fully waterproof. This ensures to provide reliable audio without breaking your focus. These are specially designed to last even the most challenging conditions. They run in mud, rain, snow, scorching heat, and also in the bitter cold.
Besides, if you are looking for how to connect Jaybird headphones, then keep scrolling down. Now, we are going to list a detailed guide on how to connect Jaybird headphones. Besides, Let’s read!

Pairing Jaybird Headphones With Windows

Step 1

At first, open our PC and select the Windows icon at the bottom-left side of the desktop screen.

Step 2:

There will be a “setting” option in the start menu. You will have to click on it. There are different setting options that will show, such as systems, devices, network and internet, personalization, account, and more.

Step 3:

You will need to click on the “devices.” This option has an outline of Bluetooth, printers, or a mouse.

Step 4:

Now click on the right-top “connected devices.” There will open a new menu list where you will enable the off button for available Bluetooth devices.

Step 5:

Now get your headphone set and press and hold the button that indicated Bluetooth connection for four seconds. There is light in the middle will turn on. It indicated that your headphone are now ready to pair with the device.

Step 6:

When the pairing mode from your headphones on, there is an icon listed with the name of the available Bluetooth devices. There are some specific things that you will have to make sure:
Firstly, it is important to sure that your PC has Bluetooth enabled. To enable this, you will need to go to settings>devices>Bluetooth and other devices and switch it on if it’s off already.
However, on the other side, if there isn’t a Bluetooth switch visible in the “Bluetooth and other devices” menu. Then open the Bluetooth troubleshooter. To do this, go to setting>update and security> troubleshoot>Bluetooth>Run the troubleshooter. It will let you know, is your PC is capable of Bluetooth connection.

Step 7:

There will how the PC name of your headphone. Pair your devices. Once it successfully has done, the Bluetooth search menu will close. Now enjoy a reliable connection!

Pair Jaybird Headphones With Mac

Step 1:

Open the system and click the Bluetooth icon on the top-right corner at the desktop screen. It also accessible when you open the Apple menu>system preferences>Bluetooth.

Step 2:

You will need to press and hold the button for four seconds on your headphones. There will a light turns on. It indicates that your headphones are ready to pair.

Step 3:

There will make a list of available Bluetooth devices. You will need to click on the “connect” and “accept.” Or you will need to enter a series of numbers and click “enter.” When paired, enjoy the music.

Pairing Jaybird Headphones With Android

Step 1:

You will need to remove your headphones from the charging case and put them in your ear. Press and hold the Bluetooth connectivity button for 4 seconds.

Step 2:

Now open your android device and go to setting>connected devices>Bluetooth>on>select the Jaybird device. (somehow, you might wait for a few seconds)

Step 3:

Lastly, if it is connected, you will hear “connected” right on your headphones.

The Final Words

All in all, we have shared the simple methods on how to connect Jaybird Headphones. However, we hope so. You will find them useful. Thank you for visiting us!