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How to Download Music on iPod

Medha Godbole Feb 13, 2020
If you are wondering how you can download music to your iPod, reading further will clear your doubts and queries and will show you the way to complete this simple task.
Owning an Apple iPod is not a big deal any more. So many of us have this oh-so-amazing gadget and carry it around with elan. It has almost attained the status of an extended body part for most of us.
But remember the fidgeting and fiddling around with it for some days after you got it? You were so excited to listen to it, that even before you downloaded the songs, you turned it on! So for the benefit of those who have just got this prized possession for themselves, presenting to you the right way to download music!

How to Download Music to iPod Touch

Get a hold of your iPod kit and USB cord. You will obviously need a computer, and it'll be great if you have a Wi-fi connection too. These are the things you will need to start off.

Step #1

You cannot think of downloading anything resembling music on your iPod touch without iTunes. Therefore, you must first download iTunes. You can do that using the CD provided with your kit.

Step #2

After you insert the CD, iTunes will be identified by the computer, and you will be asked if you want to import any files to the iTunes library. Add a file, folder, or playlist from your computer and import it to the newly installed iTunes library.

Step #3

Now, attach the USB to the iPod, and then the computer. 'Your device has been connected, will immediately be displayed on your computer. You are ready to transfer music at this stage.

Step #4

At this point, you are ready to sync your iPod and your PC through iTunes. After you sync the two, from the iTunes library choose the tracks one at a time, or several at one time, and then drag the selected files to the iPod folder. And Voila! You are ready to enjoy some rocking music.
As far as Wi-fi is concerned, when you are in a Wi-fi area, turn your iPod Touch on, and then check out the iTunes Store. After you locate and launch the iTunes Store, sign into it using your login details.
Akin to the iTunes Store on the computer, here too, you can search for separate songs and albums to purchase and download. In case you want to download music for free, you can select a search filter that will display all the free songs and albums available.
Finally, regarding the transfer songs from an iPod to your laptop, you will have to remember to download the suitable versions of the iTunes Store that are compatible with Macintosh and Windows Operating Systems. That is it! Have a good time downloading and listening to music!