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How to Improve your Cell Phone Reception

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Cell phones have become an integral part of our life. Although one can't do much about increasing the quality of cell phone reception, simple techniques can be followed to help improve it.
A recent survey has shown 69% of Americans have experienced dropped calls and poor signal strength. This is one of the main reasons as to why people keep switching their network providers.
It is not possible for the network providers to boost cell phone reception every time, as it is not cost-effective. At most, they can erect more towers which won't go well with residents and city associations. However, there are certain steps which you can take for improving signal reception.

Steps to Improve Cell Phone Reception

The best way to boost cell phone signal is by following these easy steps:


Check if you have signal. Buildings can hamper cell phone reception. You should move near a window or outside the building when making a call. If you are in a mountainous area or a place surrounded by tall trees, the reception may be weak.
The best way is to move to an open area or at the street intersections, as you can have clear cell phone reception at the street intersections. Also, the reception in steel buildings and basement areas is at the lowest since the signals do not easily pass through steel or ground.

Electronic Appliances

Switch off all the other electronic gadgets around you, like the computer monitors, microwave ovens, power tools, etc. These appliances cause interference with the cell phone reception. Once these appliances are turned off, there will be a boost in signal strength.

Cell Phone Reception Booster

You can use an external booster or antenna to increase your reception. There are many different kinds of antennas available that will work fine with your phone with the use of a correct adapter. They can cost anything from USD 30 to USD 100 and should be installed with professional help.
If you are living in a hilly area, you should opt for 0db to 3db low gain antennas, whereas a flat area may require a high gain antenna, that is, 3db to 9db.


These reception boosters increase the coverage by 50 miles and amplify the signal coming to and from the cell phone. They can be mounted on buildings, cars, and even on a boat.

Cellular repeater

These cellular repeaters can pick up low cell signals with the help of an antenna. The signals are picked up from outside and broadcast inside homes or offices. They require 2 bars of signal where the antenna is placed. It drastically improves the cell reception, battery life, and the data download speed.


The cell phone battery uses a lot of power when making a call. It is possible to have enough power to make a call, but not enough power to establish a good connection. Thus charge your battery, as low battery is the leading cause for low reception.


Cell phone reception can be affected by storms, lighting, humidity, or arid climate. You cannot fight nature, but if you are having bad signal, you know who is the real culprit.

Network Change

Many times, networks have their own frequencies and cell phone towers. If you are facing signal problems then you may switch to another network which provides you with better frequency in your area.
If you have the above points in mind, it may help in improving cell phone reception. Now, after you have carried out all the instructions to boost cell phone signal and you still have a bad signal, contact your cellular operator.
Many times, your operator may be unaware of these black holes in their network. Try to improve the reception by a little extra effort from your side and be lenient with your network provider, as they too may be trying their best to improve it.