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How to Install a Flat Screen TV

Parashar Joshi Feb 22, 2020
Today, flat screen TVs have become a common sight in most households. However, they are extremely delicate and sensitive, and that makes the installation process very important. Here is a step-wise guide on how to install a flat screen TV.
Over the years, televisions have undergone a significant change with respect to technology, design and even cost. Cathode ray televisions have now given way to new age Plasma and LCD TVs. These flat screen TVs are growing in popularity thanks to their sleek look, sharp picture quality, and affordable prices.
They come in a variety of screen sizes and provide many advanced features to the viewers, which makes television viewing a completely enjoyable and satisfying experience. Competitive prices coupled with dealer-endorsed easy finance schemes make buying a flat screen TV a very easy process.
However, installing it is quite a meticulous process which needs to be done with utmost care. Read ahead to know about how the correct method for flat screen TV installation in the shortest amount of time.

Tips Before You Start

  • Initially, you should ensure that you buy a flat screen TV that is not too large, nor too small with respect to the room that you wish to install it in.
  • Next, you should decide on how you want to set it up. You have two possible options - you can either mount it on a wall or you can install it on a table using a tabletop mount or stand.
  • Make sure that you do NOT lift the flat screen TV by yourself. One in four buyers of flat screen TV's end up dropping them during installation, and the damage incurred then, is NOT covered under the warranty terms and conditions. So make sure that there are at least two people to help when lifting the TV.

Installation on a Table

1. Mounting your flat screen on a table is comparatively easier than mounting it on a wall. For this purpose, you will need to purchase a broad and sturdy TV tabletop stand, which is readily available at any electronics store.
2. Position it on your table or in your entertainment unit, and adjust its height in such a way that the TV will eventually be at eye level. Make sure that it is screwed in tight, or else the TV might tilt and may eventually fall off.
3. Once you successfully mount the TV on the stand, half your work is done. What remains is managing the various cable connections, which you should go about doing in an organized manner to prevent the cables from getting entangled.
4. For good measure, it is always better to adopt a color-coding system in the cabling process, which makes it easier to identify individual cables.

Installation on a Wall

1. If you wish to mount your flat screen on a wall or above your fireplace, here's how to go about it. First and foremost, you need to get hold of a few strong wall-mounting brackets, which you can buy from your local hardware store.
2. Next, you should mark the intended position of these brackets on your wall using a light pencil. Use a power drill to make small holes in the marked places on the wall. This is where the screws that bind the brackets to the wall go in.
3. Once the brackets are ready, delicately lift the TV and mount it while making sure that all the edges are accurately aligned. Double check all the corners and ensure that the brackets do not bend under the weight of the television.
4. Now comes the cabling part. You can either keep the cables exposed or you can conceal them inside the wall. In case you wish to keep them exposed, bunch them together neatly to avoid clutter and prevent people from tripping over them.
5. If you wish to go for concealed cabling, it is recommended that you seek professional help as it will save you valuable time. Also, a professional job will result in a much neater and cleaner look, as opposed to you experimenting with concealed wiring activities.
You can use these mentioned steps to install your new flat screen TV in just about any place - your living room, bedroom, above your fireplace, and even in your bathroom if you wish to. Although, be careful about installing a TV above a gas fireplace, as if it is too close, the heat emitted may affect the electronics in the unit.