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How to Repair a Keyboard

Stephen Rampur
A keyboard is one of the most important parts of a computer, and a user may face a lot of problems if and when it stops functioning. Here are some tips on how to repair a keyboard.
A keyboard is an input device that is used for typing characters in the computer program with the use of buttons. You won't be able to work if you don't have a keyboard attached to the computer.
Keyboards normally come inexpensive, and if they have any kind of a major problem, they need to be replaced rather than repaired. But, if the problems are not so severe, you may follow some repair tips to get them back into working condition. If you observe some common issues with your keyboard, make it a point to check the obvious first.

Tips on Repairing a Keyboard

Loose Connection

If the keyboard doesn't work, ensure that its plug is properly inserted behind the CPU. In the case of a USB keyboard, simply check the connection to the USB port. If the connection is loose, remove the plug and put it back into the socket or the USB port.


You may also restart the computer and then check if the keyboard works. There can be a possibility of the sockets and connectors not working. To check if they are really not working, you may try connecting a different keyboard to the computer.
If the replacement keyboard works, then the problem in your old keyboard. If the replacement doesn't work, either there is a problem in the sockets or connectors, or there are some compatibility issues with the operating system.

Hardware Settings

To check if the keyboard itself has a problem, you need to select the device manager option from system properties by clicking on 'Start', 'Settings', 'Control Panel', and 'System'. After doing so, all devices connected to the PC are displayed on the screen.
To view an elaborated list of connected devices, select the plus sign which is on the left, and search for the keyboard. If you see an exclamation mark or an 'X' in red color, the keyboard has a problem. Select the 'keyboard', and then the remove option. Restarting the computer will reconfigure it again.


For proper functioning, you should keep the keyboard clean. You may cover it with a plastic cover, which effectively protects it from dust and dirt. You should never eat or drink when you are typing.
Doing so may spill the liquid on the keyboard, or allow tiny particles to enter and clog the proper functioning of the keys. If you want to clean it inside out, you need to open it up, clean all the dust with a soft cloth, and then put it back again. You may even use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from it.
If your keyboard is pretty old and giving problems very often, you may need to purchase a new one in a few dollars instead of trying to repair it. But if it's a new one, you may try some of these repair tips and techniques to make it work.