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How to Track a Cell Phone

Omkar Phatak
Get to know all about phone tracking in detail along with the advancement in the technology.
Cell phones are most easily lost or forgotten among all the gadgets that people use. They are also the most easily stolen gadgets worldwide. In such a scenario, it helps if you know how to track a cell phone, that has been lost. It can help you track lost cell phone location and increase the chances of retrieving it.
Another way in which the knowledge of how to trace a mobile phone location can come in handy is, to keep an eye on your son or daughter's whereabouts. In times of emergency, cell phone tracking can enable you to locate a missing person's location. Whatever be the reason, being able to track a cell phone location always comes in handy.
There was a time when the only way you could do it, was by using advanced telecommunication equipment, access to which was only limited to government agencies. However, today, thanks to recent advancement in communication technology, any one can do it quite easily.

Tracking a Cell Phone Location

There is a way to track a cell phone which is quite effective. Every facility of technology has its own downside and the cell phone tracking facility can be used for nefarious reasons. Here are two ways to help you.
However, there are certain times when these methods are rendered useless. Even if you know how to track any cell phone number, once the SIM card inside the phone is removed, there is hardly any way you can trace the phone. By tracing the location of your mobile phone, you increase the chances of retrieving your phone in case it's lost.

Install a GPS Chip

A smart way of tracking a cell phone is to get a GPS chip installed in it. Most new mobile phone models already have this facility. In case you don't have a GPS chip installed in your phone, ask the manufacturer if your cell phone model has the facility. If it has, get the chip installed immediately, according to manufacturer's instructions.
Once the chip is installed, you need to check if your cell phone service provider has GPS capability. Most of the big service providers provide this facility. Even the newly launched mobile phones for kids have an inbuilt GPS tracking facility.

Get a GPS Service

After ensuring that your service provider provides you with GPS facility, you need to subscribe to a GPS tracking online service. These sites charge some nominal fees for the tracking service.

Install the Tracking Software

Once you have subscribed to a site, download a tracking software that enables the tracking of your phone and you can know about the one using your phone. The software needs to be installed on the phone to be tracked. You can download it on your computer and transfer the software to the phone using data transfer cable. Install and activate it on your phone.

Use the Application

Present the phone to the user after completion of the installation and activation process. Now whenever you want, you can track the cell phone location by visiting the website and logging in. It will show the location on a map and some services will also provide information about the altitude and speed of travel of the phone.
So, the GPS chip along with these tracking service providers gives you a complete cell phone tracking solution!
You can trace cell phone numbers using Google Latitude. To know more about it visit Google's page devoted to it. GPS-enabled phone tracking can let you rest easy about the security of your phone and your loved ones.