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iRobot Roomba 880 Robot Vacuum

A cleaning robot especially for pets and allergies.
Nick Dorsey Dec 23, 2019
The Roomba 880 by iRobot is one of the newest and most efficient robot vacuums to date. This vacuum is great for severe allergy sufferers from pollen, dust and animal dander. The technology and simplicity of this model is by far the greatest in the line of robot vacuums.


This robot vacuum has some of the best technology to ensure that your home is kept clean and tidy. The Roomba 880 focuses on its special AeroForce Performance Cleaning System. This performance system delivers the maximum cleaning of your home by combining the power of the new AeroForce Extractors with airflow acceleration.
The AeroForce Extractors have been specially designed to be tangle-free and have been developed to remove dirt and debris into the brushless air flow of the vacuum. 
This vacuum is the most powerful and efficient robot vacuum. The technology of this vacuum surpasses previous models while still being simple and user-friendly.


The Roomba 880 has been designed to be user-friendly and is capable of being programmed up to seven times a week. This allows you to come home to a clean house after a long day at work, running errands or just enjoying time with your family. The simple design of pressing ‘Clean’ and going about your day while the vacuum does all the work for you is amazing.
The newly-improved virtual wall lighthouses allow you to have the Roomba - to clean up to 3 rooms consecutively which is a new feature in the robot vacuum line. This vacuum is also nearly maintenance-free with only needing to be emptied when an indicator light alerts you that it is time.
The Roomba 880 also works on all floor types and is proven to remove 50 % more dirt and allergens then older robot vacuums. This vacuum is also self charging and will return to the home base upon cleaning completion.

Similarities with Shark Ion

The comparison reviews in this blog examines the vacuum cleaners and robot vacuums. The Roomba 880 model, as well as the Shark Ion 750, has the following functions:
These robots, like almost all robotic vacuum cleaners, are equipped with lithium-ion batteries. It allows the device to work without cords and snapping to an outlet. They also have a Recharge function. It means that with a low charge, they return to a charging station, and then resume work.
Two robots have approximately the same batteries and can work without recharging for 60 minutes. Roomba and Shark detect obstacles and height differences on their way thanks to the in-built barrier and cliff sensors.
The manufacturers of both vacuum cleaners provide special mobile applications for remote control. Besides, users can control vacuum cleaners using voice through Google and Alexa voice assistants. The apps make it possible to set a cleaning schedule and select a mode.
Finally, both models have the Auto mode and the Spot mode. In the first case, robots carry out standard cleaning of the entire room. In the second case, a specific place is cleaned with increased suction and rotation of the brushes.


The Roomba overall seems to be the best robot vacuum to date out there. The Cleaning System is wonderful for people with animals. There are no more bristles getting hair and particles wrapped up and stuck preventing the vacuum from working. This is a huge improvement and one that is sure to make a noticeable difference in the cleaning quality of your floors.