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Why is my Laptop Charger not Working

Rahul Thadani
The problem of laptop charger not working is very disruptive and niggling. Replacing the charger is not relatively cheap either, so look into the causes before making a concrete decision. Here, we will highlight its main causes and provide solutions for the same.
If you find that your laptop charger is not working, you need to act soon; because, once the battery dies out, you cannot recharge it. There are many reasons why this may happen, and they are all pretty elemental in nature.
The quickest and simplest solution for you to face this problem is to simply go ahead and purchase a new charger―that would solve the problem instantly.
However, for some people, spending around $50 - $100 on a new charger may be a bit pricey, so they often wonder about alternative solutions. The fact of the matter is that once a charger gets defective, there is not much that can be done about it.
The charger is an equipment that is absolutely crucial to make a laptop work, and the machine will not function beyond a certain point without it.

Problems with Laptop Chargers

Before you make a decision about the next step, maybe you would like to know why  the laptop charger isn't working. Here are some commonly found reasons for this problem.
  • You have been using the wrong charger for your machine, or someone else has been using your charger for another machine. This may seem like a harmless act, but it affects the battery on your laptop, and the charger you are using as well.
  • Your laptop battery has become weak and worn out from excessive use. Due to which, the battery is not charging at all (or charging very slowly) when you plug in the charger. In this case, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the charger itself.
  • The wire of the charger has got a distinct curve at one point, and this is restricting it from transmitting power. You need to look out for such bends in the wire, as this will ruin the efficiency of the charger in no time.
  • This may sound elemental to some, but it does happen to many people. Maybe you are simply using the wrong charger by mistake, or maybe you have failed to switch on the power switch. Check both these things to be sure.
Any of these potential causes could be the reason behind your laptop charger's malfunctioning. As a result of these, either the mains power lead of your charger may be damaged, or the power supply unit may be damaged, or maybe the lead itself is damaged or broken at a particular point, or some circuitry inside the laptop is damaged.
It's hard to accurately tell which of these problems could be the real cause of your laptop battery not charging, without physically examining the machine.

Solutions and Answers

If you are well versed in computer hardware, you can attempt to fix this yourself. Most people cannot do this, and it is advisable for them to visit a computer repair shop instead. They will examine the charger, and suggest some suitable remedies for the problem.
Depending on your budget, you can choose an option that suits you while simultaneously solving your problem. Here are some recommended solutions.
  • Buy a brand new charger which will definitely solve your problem of charging the laptop for a long time.
  • If you're hesitant to pay that amount, you can purchase a second hand charger from any of the online shopping websites. These usually offer a discount.
  • Get your charger repaired and pay the repair shop the fees that they charge.
  • If your warranty is still valid, you can simply get the laptop charger replaced.
It is certainly not a pleasant realization to find your charger in a broken condition. This will disrupt a lot of work and recreation that you undertake on the laptop, and it is something you need to fix as soon as possible.