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Laptop Rentals: Laptop Rent-To-Own

Madhavi Ghare Feb 12, 2020
Need a laptop computer for your business or work but can't afford to buy one outright? Laptop computer rentals or a laptop rent-to-own deal may just be what you are looking for! Read on to know more...
Today's world needs you to be abreast of all technological breakthroughs at all times. Business and work needs are fast changing. Working from home is becoming quite fashionable. Even college going students are expected to communicate with their professors and submit their assignments online.
Earlier businesses found the need for a laptop computer only when their representatives were on the move, however, most executives now are provided with one so that they can be connected with one another at all times. But laptop computers are costly.
To add to this, technology upgrades render a laptop computer obsolete within 6 months to a year. How does a small businessman or a college student or professional who is working from home deal with this?

Choices Available

Renting a laptop for short-term use can be beneficial. However, there are times when it is not suitable just to rent laptop computers, because your need may not always limited to a small time period. A lease agreement often means that you return the laptop after the rental period.

Returning the laptop after the rental period often discourages the common man from opting for such a deal, because 

  1. He/she's looking for a cheaper option because his finances are low.

  2. After paying those monthly rentals he/she would obviously want ownership of the product. In such a case it would have been better to purchase the product on installment.

What is a Laptop Rent-To-Own Deal

A laptop rent-to-own agreement can be your savior in such situations. Basically what this agreement means is that you take a laptop computer on rent. Whatever you pay in rentals accrues over a predetermined time period and it adds up to the price of buying a laptop. And when the agreement period is over, you get to own the laptop.
Many rent-to-own agreements also provide for upgrades during the time of the agreement, for a small price. This way, you are on top of the latest technology trend and you pay a small amount every month which is not a burden on your pocket. Some rent-to-own companies may also provide you with laptop servicing at no additional cost.


There are quite a number of benefits that you will obtain from such a deal.

» There are plenty of deals available that offer laptops at prices that are beyond the retail market.

» Due to the advantage of it being a rent-to-own, the monthly rentals are easy to pay, thus not having the customer to have to worry about a reduced cash flow.
» Perhaps the best part of a rent-to-own is that there is no initial investment to be made, which is a boon when a product has to be obtained with limited cash.

»  Most companies that rent out laptops have technicians that are on call whenever you need them.


There are many websites and places that advertise on cost-effective rent-to-own laptops, but do their claims actually hold any water?

» The biggest disadvantage to this type of deal is the cost. Critics state that in the long run, the amount that you end up paying for the laptop is two to three times that of its actual price in the market.
» Now because the rentals are going to be pretty easy on your pocket, the duration of the rentals is going to increase. At the same time, the way technology is advancing, by the time you finish paying off the last rental, your laptop is probably going to be superseded by a number of much more advanced models that are going to make your model seem old.
» Sometimes, your laptop rental company may not have a service center at a certain place, and this may affect you if you are always on the move.
» Some rent-to-own agreements may include a lock-in period where you will not be able to avail of laptop upgrades until a certain time period has been completed. If your work involves you being on top of all the latest technological upgrades, this can throw a spanner in the works for you.
Some companies do offer bargain priced deals on refurbished or repaired laptop computers. This may often mean that you get a laptop computer at a reduced price. There is one variation to this kind of a deal which may be beneficial to some.
There are some companies that offer laptops on rent without transferring ownership, however, when the last rental is paid, they offer the customer an option to pay the balance residual sum and obtain ownership, which mostly is not a very substantial amount.

In Conclusion

Before you opt for a rent-to-own deal it's better to first inquire about everything that you need to know about the computer as well as the contract. The reason being that you need to know what the deal is, for example, if  you decide to terminate the contract, will there be any fee for that? What would happen if the laptop was stolen or damaged?
Therefore, it makes sense to talk to several dealers and look closely into various agreements before you sign on the dotted line. This will help you to find a deal that will suit your needs effectively.