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Reasons Why the Mouse Does Not Respond

Stephen Rampur
Here are some of the common reasons why the mouse does not respond, and the solutions for the same.
The mouse is one of the most essential hardware components of a computer system, which generally enables the user to select icons on the screen. If used for a considerable amount of time, it is possible that it would give some problems.
One of the most common issue that is experienced by computer users is when the mouse suddenly stops responding.
Before taking the decision of buying a new one, it is suggested that you perform some troubleshooting tasks to make the device operational. You would certainly regret if you get a new mouse, just to know that the real problem was corrupt drivers or a loose connection.
The first step that is supposed to be done is to shut down and restart the system, which will reload the drivers that will most often result in solving your problem.

Common Problems and Troubleshooting

Loose Connection

If the mouse is not working at all, there can be several reasons to it, such as a loose connection or any issue with the device drivers. First, check the obvious causes that you think would make the mouse dysfunctional, one of which is a loose connection at the PS/2 or USB port.
Make sure that the jack is properly plugged into the respective port at the back of the CPU cabinet. If it is properly plugged in, take it out, examine if there is any damage to the tiny pins in the plug, and plug it back again. Corrupted drivers is also a reason why the mouse may not be working.
In order to resolve the problem of corrupted drivers, you would need to uninstall them first and then reinstall.

Mouse Pointer

If the pointer of the mouse does not seem to work in a smooth manner, chances can be that the system may be infected by a computer virus or there is a lot of dust and dirt on the inside of the mouse.
In case the mouse is not responding at intermittent intervals; you need to have your computer scanned for any viruses, trojans, malware, spy software, and other harmful programs.
If the problem still persists after running a virus scan, then you will have to manually clean the inside of the mouse. In case of a ball mouse, take out the cover of the ball, remove the dirt stuck to the rollers and the ball, and reinstall it.

No Scroll

If you find out that the scroll wheel does not function, then probably it is a hardware issue. For determining whether it is a software issue, you can reinstall the drivers and check. To ensure about the proper working of the track-wheel, check the appropriate settings through the 'Control Panel'.
If none of the given steps seem to work, it is better you go to the computer store and get a new mouse. In a situation of a wireless mouse not working, you need to check if the batteries are sufficiently charged or there is an issue with the receiver.