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Portable DVD Player for Kids

Charlie S
Portable DVD players help kids enjoy themselves by watching their favorite movies, even during travel. This high-end gadget provides a good recreation. Learn more about portable DVD players for kids.
One should have a gadget for entertainment while traveling, especially for kids as they have a tendency to get restless if they don't find anything interesting. Dual portable DVD players can help kill the boredom. A portable DVD player for a car, consists of an attached screen to view movies and is the compact version of the big, conventional DVD players.


The biggest advantage of portable DVD players for kids is their affordable price. You can buy a dual screen portable DVD player in the price range of $ 70 to $ 150. Some very cheap DVD players are available at a lower price than $70. You can look for some top brands providing portable DVD players within the mentioned price range.
Even though these DVD players are cheap, the companies that manufacture them have not compromised on the features being offered or the quality of the DVD players. These DVD players either have an LCD screen of 8 inches or a screen with a liquid screen display. Models having screen size lower than the normal size, are also available at cheaper rates.
While buying portable DVD players, make sure that they are able to handle different kinds of file formats.
Most of these DVD players have the capacity of playing file formats like CD and CD-R. They have a good sound quality and a good quality of picture too.

Things to Consider While Buying DVD Players

Always check the credentials of the DVD player before buying it, especially for the sound clarity that decides the utility of the DVD player. The DVD player should have an interface, which is easy to use because, you are buying it for your kids. Choose a player that can be easily placed on the seat of a car and can serve as a mini-theater for your children.
You should have additional batteries for your DVD player as the power of the batteries used in this device gets over after being used for a few hours. Buy DVD players which have the facility of playing video games if the kids are not watching DVD movies. This will be very useful as a good time-pass for the kids.
If you buy a DVD, with a progressive scan technology, your child will be able to see clear and picture perfect images, even if the screen size is small. Check all the DVD's available in the market and the DVD player reviews so that you can buy the best one for your kids.

Some Popular DVD Players for Your Kids

Here are some of the most popular portable DVD players for kids.
  • ieGeek 11.5"
  • Sylvania SDVD7027-C-Gold
  • Pyle 15" Portable
  • Sylvania Swivel Screen
  • FUNAVO 10.5" Portable
  • APEMAN 7.5'' Portable
  • UEME 9" Portable
Hope that the information provided will be useful for you to buy a portable DVD player. This electronic gadget will definitely be loved and enjoyed by your kids, because of its stunning features.