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Risks of Using Headphone

Shimul Kabir Sep 11, 2019
Technology is advancing day by day. Every day new technologies are invented to make our lives easier. Using technology is also increasing side effects. Headphones is a technology used by almost everyone but many do not know the side effects or disadvantages of using headphones.

1. Hearing Complications

Audio enters straight into your ear when you use headphones. If the sound of 90 decibels or more enters the ears, hearing complications may occur and you ma lose your hearing powers. So if you want to use headphone, give your ear some rest and never listen to music in high volume.

2. Ear Infections

You have your personal headphone. But you sometimes share headphone with friends and family. This may result in ear infections. Bacteria from different people's ears can easily come to your ears through headphones. The next time you share your headphone, do sanitize or clean them.

3. Creating a Barrier to The Air

Headphone companies are paying attention to audio experience of their headphones so that you can hear good quality music. But you put the headphone in your ear so that your ear piercing is completely closed. As a result, no air can enter. This causes risk of infection, tetanus and hearing complications in your ear.

4. Temporary Deafness

One study found that people who listen to music in high volume for a long time can not hear relatively well after removing headphones. If someone uses headphones at more than 100 decibels for 15 minutes, he or she may become deaf. This may be temporary but disadvantages are more. You may not even realize when you become deaf.

5. Bad Effects on the Brain

Electromagnetic waves that are produced by headphones can pose a serious threat to your brain. And those who use Bluetooth headphone are at more risk. The ear is directly connected to the brain. So the headphone gets to hit your brain in a very bad way.

6. Headphones Causing Accidents

Recently, number of road accidents has increased greatly due to the use of headphone. People are dying in road accidents. They do not hear the noise when walking down the street with the headphone on and thus face unfortunate accidents.