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16 Signs that You're in a Relationship with Your Laptop

Buzzle Staff
Some relationships transcend all boundaries. They are just about pure love and commitment. Like your obsessive relationship with your laptop. Ahh, the fact that you are reading this on your laptop is the first sign, and there are many more here which prove your maddening love for your lappy. Have a look!

It is real!

Addiction to technology is increasing in crazy proportions, especially with college students. Some students were asked to stay away from their laptop for a day, and many of them experienced physical effects like panic attacks, depression, and anxiety.
You finish off your work, and you leave for home. All you can think about is going home, turning it on, and all the possible things you will do with it. We are talking about your laptop, BTW. Yup, the very thought of going back to your dearest lappy is enough to bring a wide smile on your face.
You are not the only one, this happens to most. We have become obsessed with technology. And, if your phone is your best friend, your laptop is the love of your life. That's right, your laptop could be the one true love of your life. Check out the signs and confirm it yourself.

You don't let other people touch your laptop

Noooooo... this is how you react when someone tries to use your laptop. It is YOUR laptop, and you will not share it with someone.

Your laptop is always organized

Everything is neatly organized in folders and your laptop is organized to perfection. You don't care if your room is a huge mess, that is secondary. After all, your priorities are totally sorted.

You can spend an entire day + night with your laptop

You don't even realize when the day ends and night starts, when you are with your laptop. You can be with it all the time. Alas, you gotta go to work.

Your laptop is totally updated

You may not have the latest of everything, but your laptop sure does. It has the latest version of windows, an updated anti-virus, and all the cool apps in it.

Hard Drive Crashing is your biggest nightmare

You can still feel the pain you experienced when your hard disk crashed. It was like the worst day of your life, and you almost got a heart attack when that happened.

You know it is always gonna be there for you

Your laptop is your only true companion. Whether you are upset or happy, bored or excited, you know it's going to be by your side, always.

You spend a lot of time together in bed

Even sleep doesn't matter when you are with your laptop. There have been several nights when you dozed off with your lappy. Well, you don't regret those nights at all; in fact you cherish them.

You take it wherever you go

Whether it's a meeting, a small trip, or sleepover at a friend's place, your laptop HAS to be with you. You might forget to take extra clothes, but not your laptop. You go on vacations with your laptop.

You even have a special name for your laptop

This one is such an obvious sign, especially if you have a cute and silly name for your laptop. And you do need to get some life, BTW.

It knows all your secrets

There is nothing, absolutely nothing that you hide from your laptop. It knows all your secrets, passwords, and what not. There is a lot of honesty and transparency in your relationship.

Your friends and family are jealous of her

The amount of time you spend with your laptop has made your girlfriend/boyfriend very insecure, and they are sure you love your laptop more than them. Even your friends and family are jealous.

You prefer talking to people online

Home is where the laptop is

You can't stop dreaming about all the things you will do with your laptop once you go home. Weekends are extra-special for you, as you can spend more time with your dear one. You cancel plans just to stay home with it.

When you are with it nothing can distract you

You wish you could just hang a "do not disturb" board when you are with it. And, you get so engrossed with it, that you don't even realize that you are hungry. Now, if this isn't love, then what is.

You can type without looking at the keyboard

Well, this shouldn't come as a surprise, since you are familiar with every inch of your laptop. You can type anything blindly.

You don't want to let it go

Even if your laptop has become really old, and now finally it's time to let it go, you just simply can't. Even the thought of buying a new one hurts you more than anything, and you will do all you can to try to keep it with you.