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Tips on Choosing the Most Comfortable Headphones

Zoey Fawell Dec 02, 2019
The most important factor when it comes to listening to music is the quality of music. Having headphones that produce the best sound only matters if they are comfortable. You won’t enjoy the music if you have to take breaks while adjusting your headphones to prevent throbbing headache and sore temples.
Earphones that have thick paddings seem the best choice, however, there are more aspects for the overall comfort of headphones. Here are the most important factors that make the most comfortable headphones.

Ear Cup Extension

One of the most important factors that will make earphones comfortable is ear cup extension. There is no ideal size of the cup extension. Most manufacturers design headphones that give enough ear cup extension.
If the ear cup extension is too short and does not fit properly, several problems may arise. For instance, the headphones may end up pressing the ears against the head. Buying headphones that have overextended ear cups will leave you with a gap between the cushioning and the cup at the centre without having to be fully extended.

The Clamping Forces

Another important factor you need to consider is the clamping force of the headphones. The clamping force of a headphone determines the degree at which it will snug up against your face. Besides, the clamping force will show you the exact point where pressure lies regardless of the thickness of ear cushions.
If the clamping force is too much, you’ll feel much weight in your head. On the other hand, if the clamping force is little, then your headphones are very likely to slip off or fall just with the simplest nod. The most comfortable headphones are once that have an even amount of the clamping force.

The Size and Shape of the Ear Cup

The second last feature that will determine whether your headphones will be comfortable or not is the size and shape of the ear cup. Shallow ear cups and cushions, will touch your ears against the insides. Having headphones that are too small or too big will make your experience while listening to music the worst.
Ear cups come in three different shapes. The oval, circle and the D shaped. Headphones with a circular shape are the most comfortable since they offer ample room and you will not have to worry about angling of the headphones.


Last but not least, the quality and quantity of cushioning of the headphones is also an important determinant of whether your head phones will be comfortable or not. The amount of cushioning a headphone has, is directly proportional to the comfort you get.
Thin cushioning leaves room that ensures the ears do not touch the hardware. Besides, headphones with thin cushioning feel less plush against the head. Thick headphones on the other hand, are more comfortable though they might squeeze your ears a little.

Wrapping Up

Using headphones is one of the best ways of listening to music. When it comes to headphones, there are various ways of making sure you get the most comfortable ones.
The factors listed here are some important ones that will let you know how to acquire best headphones that are comfortable for your ears. We hope you now know what makes the most comfortable headphones to make your life better.