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Types of Computer Keyboards

Pratik Joshi
Qwerty Keyboard
Christopher Latham Sholes invented Qwerty keyboard in 1868. It is the most popular keyboard type of all time.
Wired Keyboard
If you notice closely your keyboard, then you'll find little bumps on j and f button to help typing in the dark.
Numeric keyboard
As the name itself suggests, it only has numbers on it not an alphabets.
Ergonomic Keyboard
Ergonomic keyboards are curved they are specially made for typist .
Wireless Keyboard
Wireless keyboards are connected through radio frequency to laptops and tablets.
Mechanical Keyboard
Mechanical keyboards are made with high quality and are highly durable.
RGB Keyboard
RGB keyboards are used for gaming purpose.
Virtual Keyboard
A virtual keyboard is a software component that allows inputs without physical keys.
Thumb Keyboard
Thumb keyboard is a type of keyboard found on PDAs, like mobile phones.