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What to Look for When Buying a Used Laptop

Bhakti Satalkar
Not always are we able to spare the kind of money required to buy a new laptop. This is when the used laptops come in handy. However, one must know the things to look for while buying a used laptop, so that one does not get conned in the deal.
Although most people choose to buy a new laptop or a refurbished laptops, there are some who would rather want to go in for a used laptop. This is true, if one is planning to buy a laptop for kids. The kids may not use the laptop as carefully and in the process may spoil it. Hence used laptops is a great option, when you want to buy a laptop for kids.
However, that does not mean that one does not check the used laptop at all and opt to buy a piece that first comes our way. One should be aware of different tricks, one wants to buy a used laptop, so that one is able to at least get a reasonably good laptop and not end up with a laptop, which is as good as trash.

Things to Look Out for When Buying a Laptop

When we want to buy a new laptop, we ask what to look for in a laptop. Same should be the question one asks, when one wants to buy a used laptop as well. The features to look for when buying used laptop are as mentioned below.


Although you are planning to opt for a used laptop, it is important that you consider a laptop, which at least has a decent good processor. It is very difficult and tricky to upgrade the processor. If the processor is of a very old version, then there are chances that the latest software may not work, as expected.


The RAM size should at least be 1 GB, however, be sure that you may not be able to install certain software on the laptop due to want of RAM space. Hence, many experts are of the opinion that the RAM size should at least be 2 GB. If there are a number of software installed on the laptop and the RAM size is rather small, then the chances of the laptop working at a decent speed are minimized.

Hard Drive

Gone are the days when the computers would have a hard drive of 1 GB. These are the days of computers with Terabytes memory. Although that is not possible in case of laptops, it is necessary that you have decently good memory. This will ensure you do not have to be bothered about the laptop running out of space. At the same time, you are able to install software which do require a large amount of memory.


Often times, people do check the physical appearance of the laptop, but forget or ignore the software aspect. It is important to make sure that the laptop does indeed boot into the operating system. A test should be conducted to ensure that the hard disk is working fine. If the laptop does have a CD ROM player, then you will want to play a CD in it.


After reading about the basic features that one has to be on the look for, we will find out the points to consider in terms of physical features. Since it is a used laptop, you will have to make sure that there are no dead pixels on the screen.
The simple method to check the same is to turn the desktop background to blue and closely examine the screen for dead pixels. If there are just a couple of pixels, then you may want to let it pass, but in case you observe some clusters, then it is best not to buy the said laptop.


This is not something that you check, when you buy a new laptop. However, it is an important point to consider, when one buys a used laptop. Many times it is seen that the keys of used laptops do not function or they do not return to their normal position after they are pressed, etc.
In such cases, there are chances that the keyboard is ruined. Similarly it is important to check the Caps Lock key, Num Lock key, space bar, tab key, shift key, Ctrl key, etc. as well. The best method to check is to open a document and try typing.


It is the battery with which the laptop becomes a portable device. The most common complaints, when it comes to used laptops are that of battery. Conducting a battery test is therefore essential. Switch the laptop on and plug it into the charger.
When the battery is charged to 100% unplug the power cable. Continue to use the laptop and check the battery at regular interval. If you see that the battery drains very fast in a matter of few minutes, then you will want to consider your decision about the laptop.

Wireless Connectivity

When one is using a laptop, it is but natural that one will use wireless Internet connectivity. Therefore, this is an aspect, which one needs to checks, when one buys a laptop. Conduct a connectivity test on the laptop to ensure that the laptop is able to successfully detect networks and does not need any kind of special configuration. After the laptop has connected surf the net for some time.
I hope with this write up, you have found an answer to the question, what to look for when buying a used laptop. Along with the above mentioned parameters, there are some other things, which you will need to look for as well. The first among them is whether the hinges of the laptop are fine and that the laptop does not come off into two pieces.
The next thing to assess is the physical damage to the laptop. Very often the power cable may have electrical tape wrapped around it or may not be in the best shape. In either case if the laptop is charging with the power cable, then you may consider the said laptop.