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Who Invented the CD Player

Uttara Manohar Feb 24, 2020
The CD player has come a long way from its antique beginnings as a gramophone. Learn about who invented the CD player and how it began a revolution in music-playing.
Imagine a life without your favorite CDs? Had it not been for the compact discs and the handy CD players, we would still be stuck with the old style gramophones and the bulky cassette players.
Sony released the world's first CD Player called the CDP-101 in October 1982. This was the first of its kind CD player, which had a slide-out tray design for the CD. Nobuyuki Idei, the Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer of Sony Corporation named the Sony system the CDP-101.
He worked relentlessly to launch the CD player system and had based the model name on the numerals 101, since in binary numbers, 0101 represents the number five. It is believed that Idei chose the number five, since he wanted to indicate that the product was of a medium class.
The first CD player was priced at a whopping $900, which now seems like a huge amount owing to the reduced prices of the CD players. The invention of the CD and the discovery of the CD player are considered to be huge milestones in the field of digital sound and music industry.
Well, of course today, we have moved on to our iPods and Mp3 players, but the invention of the compact disc players was the pioneering step, which led to further developments in digital sound technology.