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Wireless Spy Cameras

Gaynor Borade
Being able to monitor teen or employee activities without being seen is no more a dream.
The wireless spy cameras are designed to enable access to captured images and recordings of events and people, in your absence, or to provide evidence in law sensitive cases.
Wireless spy cameras operate without any wires connecting the various components of the digital video recorder or computer monitor. They can be as small as a needle-head or as big as a television screen.
The spy cameras are manufactured to improve home security systems and business security. These systems aid individuals and companies to monitor the movements of family members and staff, respectively.
The spy and surveillance equipment offers restricted freedom of movement. Some can be so discreet that they are impossible to trace without knowing that they are installed. The unique transmitter-receiver combination technique transmits and receives captured images and even stores the same for later viewing.

Wireless Spy Cameras: The Technology

The video surveillance camera systems used in the wireless spy cameras are directed towards investigative operations.
The components used to achieve the desired versatility or sophistication dictate the price of the equipment. They are designed to enable access from a far distance.
The transmitter device in the wireless equipment is embedded in the camera. The receiving device is attached to the monitor. The transmitter relays captured images and recordings to the receiving device at a set frequency.


  • Guaranteed quality of color, resolution, and battery life
  • Easy to set up and move equipment components
  • Transmission of live video via live web cams to any TV or computer monitor within a specified range
  • Enabled access to covert operations via covert cameras
  • Dependable battery power
  • Enabled access to continuous surveillance of an area


There are many types of wireless spy cameras manufactured and promoted in a dedicated market segment. Some of the popular types of surveillance cameras without wires include:
  • Color mini cameras with built in motion activation and self-recording
  • Surveillance waterproof digital cameras with system-network and night-vision
  • Near-invisible wireless spy cameras that enable 'hiding' valuables in the open
  • Cameras for car interiors
  • Digital cameras with built-in web server viewing facility
  • Wireless cameras with built-in rechargeable batteries
  • Home security cameras that enable access to SIM card data and text messages for teen security
  • Wireless home and business premises spy cameras
  • iPod doc recorders for teen security
  • Mini wireless cameras for increased law enforcement
These are only some of the specially designed wireless spy cameras that are in the market. The need for increased home and office security has urged manufacturers to become more innovative.
These cameras can be accessed online as well as offline at a number of dedicated outlets. The retailers even offer free installation on purchase.


  • The installation puts parents and employers at ease. The system acts as an enthusiastic detective in any room, device, or area. It helps to keep surveillance discreet by recording without being noticed.
  • The hidden cameras provide maximum privacy. They can be carried along whenever and wherever required. The wireless cameras come in small models too, some so small that they can be easily installed inside miniatures and toys to make the camera portable. This gives parents and employers an added advantage.
  • The installation offers protection from child abuse and theft.
  • Wireless spy cameras are tamper proof and offer wide-angle footage. They offer high resolution colored images at distant locations enabling round the clock supervision.
  • Disguised wireless cameras fit into any unique home décor in the form of a radio, vase, or even an air purifier. The other common models resemble time clocks, handbags, and pen stands. Parents are known to promote the sales of these cameras to keep a watch on probable mishandling during babysitting sessions.
Wireless spy cameras are easily available in a number of dedicated designs and models. They are priced according to the additional features sought or customized to fit within any design. 
There are many resources online as well as offline that cater to the demand for the digital camcorders. The investment provides complete protection to families and staff.